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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 43 | November 11 , 2007|


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No, we don't take yaba

Afiffa Munawar

-Do you take yaba?
-Hey tell me how does it feel?
-How do I know?!!!
-Then your friends must know it.
-No they don't

The Current Situation and Possible Preventive Measures

Saif M Islam

There are many escalating problems that this country needs to deal with on an urgent basis- drug abuse is no different Yaba has recently replaced heroin as our nation's frontline drug problem.

Yaba, the cheap drug turns expensive

Tanzil Ahmed

Hey Mates,
Hope you are all doing fine.
Our recent drug assailant is "Yaba". What a mind blowing name ain't it !!


By Hemal (on behalf of Star Campus)

Mr. Nurul Islam
Lecturer, Department of Psychology, CU.

Star Campus: Why do people usually get addicted to drugs?
Nurul Islam: People take drugs for multiple causes. At first we can describe it from biological aspects.

IUB Film and Photography Club Inaugurated

By Khaled Nasir; Dept. of Media and Communication, IUB

Films record the contemporary culture of a nation.

The Theatrics of Traffic Jams

Aditi Ahmed

“Lock your door and strap your seatbelts when you're in the car boy,' growled the voice of a certain daunting looking man to a small, timid boy.

Taylor's University College Malaysia offers Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students

Tanzil Ahmed

Taylor's University College, a 42 year old renowned Institute of Malaysia offering number of Majors with credit transfer facilities to local and international students, is going to introduce its Scholarship Programme for the deserving Bangladeshi students from next year, 2008.

Innovative Management

Naseer Ahmed

Innovation or creativity is not just for Michelangelos, Einsteins, Mozarts and Tagores.

Humanoid robot

Kamrul Hasan Khan

A private university graduate is developing a humanoid robot with a view to providing man with a helping hand in various complicated and risky works.

I am at the Buddhabihar

Adidas vs. Puma:
Origins of a rivalry between brothers


The German town of Herzogenaurach has been split in half, thanks to a 60-year-old family feud.

Photo Feature on renovation of Curzon Hall by Intakhar Ahmad

Prof. Monira Hossain

I would like to thank Intakhar Ahmad for his photo feature on renovation of Curzon Hall.

Grand debating competition at East West University

Star Campus Desk

The final round of 3rdEWU National Universities Debating Championship-2007 was held on 2nd November at the EWU auditorium.

Banglish debate - In defence of change and variety

Dr Binoy Barman

I extend my heartiest thanks to the five writers who have kindly read my article 'I am not ashamed of speaking Banglish' and spent their valuable time to vent their reaction styled as 'What Banglish, Whose Banglish' (published on November 4, 2007 issue of Campus).


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