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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 42 | November 04, 2007|


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Robin, drugs, and I

Dr. Faheem Hasan Shahed

Drinking a can of coke as he sits on the balcony outside his bedroom, Robin (not his real name) stares at me for few seconds when asked to explain the reason for his regular intake of opium and Bangla-wine together while doing class assignments or studying for quizzes.

The [un]smart addiction

Dr Binoy Barman

It has been said of late young folks are taking yaba to make them smart.

“We Take life as it is , so we Don't need drugs”

Sharin Shajahan Naomi

When a young man takes drugs, doesn't he realise that it will destroy him eventually? In most of the cases, he knows it very well.

Substance Abuse: The Dawn of Euphoria and Annihilation

Wrishi Thakur Raphael

Twenty-first Century: History will call upon this period as the time when the citadels of our civilization became consumed by their own demolition.

The power is ours

Wasia Mehnaz Minna

"Tell me what are the prevailing sentiments that occupy the minds of your young men, and I will tell you what is to be the character of the next generation."

That All-Important " NO "

Naomi Ahmad

He was wandering around aimlessly in the mall. People gave him suspicious dark looks; but he still kept on gliding through the crowd.

Understanding the Dark World- A Teacher's Viewpoint

Munsia Naureen Ahmed

"It's a dark world” says one of my students who has been in that world and back, albeit for a very short time.

Yes, say no to Drugs

Farshid Alam

Four freshmen in our university cafeteria discussed the recent hot issue in town.

Say No To Drugs
Comments of students from Chittagong

Abdus Samad Hemal

It's a harmful destructive monster for our young generation which ultimately destroy our morality and our society as well.
- Rajesh Singha, MBA (Management),CU.

Stopping an Epidemic from Spreading Further

Amanat Ahmed

Drugs can single-handedly destroy the future leadership of a country, a nation and this planet as a whole. It is so powerful that anyone starting from a teenager to a senior citizen may be tempted and get hooked on to it for life.

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