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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 40 | October 21 , 2007|


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The net generation

Dr Binoy Barman

They are netted in network - captured by the glitz of digital attraction.

Eid on Foreign Terrains
Two Bangladeshi students, who spent their first Eid outside the country, express their feelings

Nafid Haque (Graduate Student, University of Groningen, Netherlands) :
This Eid was very different from all the other Eid's of my life. This time no one was there to wake me up and push me to get ready for the Eid prayer.

Dr Yunus speaks at Boston University

Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner whose economic practices have helped poor people start their own businesses around the world, told Boston University students they can help solve global issues by narrowing their focus in a visit to the University.

Milestones in Cartography

Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob

Most of us have been acquainted to World Maps since Grade School.


Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Secret, tamed
Loving, warring, reigning
Nothing surprise human brain

The true meaning of Eid

Samantha Saberin

Having fun, shopping, watching different TV programs, receiving eidis or enjoying tons of sweet items prepared by our mothers- which one from all these can be called the true meaning of Eid!

The King Con - Victor Lustig
The man who sold Eiffel Tower twice!!!

When it comes to deception and trickery, there was no man better at it than Victor Lustig.

Useless appendix?
No more

AP Feature

Some scientists think they have figured out the real job of the troublesome and seemingly useless appendix: It produces and protects good germs for your gut. That's the theory from surgeons and immunologists at Duke University Medical School, published online in a scientific journal this week.

The Truth About Cramming

Rudmila Ahmed

How many of you know the sinking feeling way down somewhere in your tummy just before a major exam?


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