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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 35 | September 09, 2007|


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HSC results 2007
Our future leaders

Feeda Hasan Shahed

It is a story about our future leaders who would take over from the present generation leaders to take the country further towards the desired goal. This story usually begins from the stage students pass their HSC and join universities for higher education. Higher education pave the way for acquiring skill and wisdom to make them leaders in their individual profession. Collectively one day they become national leaders.

So, let's see how these future leaders did in this year's HSC examination. This writer went to Notre Dame College to have a look around on 26th August. It was drizzling throughout the day. Students and parents started to gather on the Notre Dame College premises. One could notice a touch of anxiety on everybody's face. The HSC results would be announced soon.

The drizzle turned into heavy rain and then came the results. Outstanding results this year! In all 10,205 achieved GPA-5!

Improvement in all sectors
The results of this year's Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examinations under seven education boards witnessed good results as a whole. The pass percentage of 64.27 is an indicator of this improvement. Last year, 63.92 per cent of the students passed and 9,450 students achieved GPA-5. The percentage was 59.16 in 2005, 47.74 in 2004, 38.43 in 2003, 27.09 in 2002, 28.41 in 2001 and 37.05 in 2000. That is an indicator of the rise in success chart. That is surely an inspiring picture in our education sector amid many chaotic scenarios around.

The cumulative pass percentage in the HSC under all education boards, Alim exams under Madrasa Education Board and Business Management exams under Technical Education Board is 65.60 against 65.65 of last year, which is neck to neck.

However, the rise is actually in the number of GPA-5 where the total is 11,140 compared to 9,864 examinees of last year, 5,534 of 2005 and 3,047 of 2004.

Boys are ahead of girls!
3,05,387 boys and 2,27,771 girls appeared in this year's HSC out of which 2,03,018 boys and 1,46,731 girls passed. Thus the pass percentages for boys and girls are 66.48 and 64.42 respectively against 66.36 and 64.64 of last year.

Dhaka Board secured the top position among all the boards with the pass rate of 70.77 per cent while the pass rate in Sylhet Board is 65.98 per cent, Comilla Board 65.75, Rajshahi Board 61.89, Chittagong Board 61.36, Jessore Board 59.89 and Barisal Board 55.63. The success rate under Madrasa Board is 74.31 per cent and Technical Education Board 68.13 per cent.

Students from Business Studies group have marked a significant progress with pass percentage of 74.58. In Science group this rate is 68.17 per cent while in Humanities it is 56.14 per cent.

Out of the best 10 collages in terms of the results this year, Dhaka holds the honour of having 8 colleges in the city. Notre Dame College of Dhaka showed remarkable feat with 825 students securing GPA-5 followed by Viqarunnisa Noon College with 493 students and Dhaka City College with 348 students achieving the same GPA.

The other top colleges in Dhaka Board with a high number of GPA-5 holders are Ideal School and College, Motijheel, Holy Cross College, Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Rifles Public School and College, Dhaka Commerce College, Dhaka College, Rajuk Uttara Model School and College and Agricultural University College.

In Rajshahi Board, Rajshahi New Government Degree College, Rangpur Cantonment Public School and College and Bogra Cantonment Public School & College came out on top with 308, 154 and 129 GPA-5 achievers.

In Comilla Board, Comilla Victoria Government College, Comilla Cadet College and Ispahani Public School & College had 117, 53 and 44 GPA-5 achievers.

Jessore Board had Cantonment College, Jessore, Government Girls' College, Khulna and Khulna Public College attained the first, second and third positions with 175, 84 and 68 GPA-5 achievers.

In Barisal Board, Amritalal Dey College took the first place with 40 GPA-5 achievers, Barisal Cadet College took second with 37 GPA-5 achievers and Barisal Government Girls' College became third with 19 GPA-5 achievers.

In Sylhet Board, Sylhet MC College, Jalalabad Cantonment Public School and College and Sylhet Cadet College came out first, second and third with 91,58 and 44 GPA-5 achievers.

Under the Madrasa Board 38,363 out of 51,623 Alim examinees came out successful with the pass percentage of 74.31 against 75.23 of last year.

A total of 49,700 students appeared at Business Management examinations under Technical Education Board and 33,863 of them passed with pass percentage of 66.13 against 69.74 of last year.

A laudable success for the Cadet Colleges
The 12 cadet colleges of the country did very well this year. In the English medium, out of 552 students 422 (82percent) achieved GPA 5. Mymensingh Girls Cadet college students secured 54, Comilla Cadet college students secured 53, Jhenidah Cadet college students secured 48 and Sylhet Cadet college students secured 54 GPA 5.

Last words
However, the reality that will now come into fore is the rat race of getting into undergraduate courses in various universities. Due to the severe shortage of seats at every department, a substantial number of these brilliant students may not get their ticket to entry in their desired courses. But our best wishes remain with their endeavours. Weather we win or lose, life is all about competitions and struggles. So, keep up the fight guys!

The Ins and Outs of HSC Triumphs

Sarah Z H

As we all know Bengalis are big dreamers. They practically spend their entire life fantasizing over almost everything rather than actually working their way through success. But somehow for some benevolent reason the majority of higher secondary students in our country who graduate from colleges each year under the national curriculum board along with the vocational and madrasa curriculum seems to live up to their fantasies quite conveniently. Since the grading system was introduced in 2000 students have been performing pleasantly well in the two most significant public exams administered by the education board of Bangladesh. This year too was a splendour of academic excellence for those who appeared in their HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exams. For most of us, the usual Bengali middle class, this exam happens to be the most crucial one as our future is more or less resolved or at least greatly affected by its realizations. And once someone has aced the expectations of their families, instructors or well-wishers reach crushing heights. Straightway these students become the future of the country and people start believing in them and their aptitude for a better tomorrow. Students securing exceptional scores in HSC are treated with supreme respect and honour. They are praised by their seniors, admired by the subordinates and simply loved by all.

These students do play an essential role in shaping up the future of the country. They amply contribute to the society's advancement. Let us not put out of our mind that the youngsters that are successful students today will take on the many responsibilities that will eventually provide us with service oriented approaches. Take your best family doctor for example or the most resourceful legal adviser you prefer for your company. The ones we trust as professionals in our day to day lives was some time ago nonetheless talented students just like the million faces of these students glowing with brilliance and vigour. This painstaking achievement is a shared one which sprouted from the efforts of relentless students, teachers and buoyant parents. But many of these students do not get a chance to educate themselves further to their desire. Little choices are left to them as either the public institutions run out of seats or the private ones are unbelievably expensive offering tertiary level education. There is a serious lack of selection in subjects offered by different universities for students to learn. But the troubles aside, excellent HSC results do make us heroes in the eyes of others and whether we make the finest use of it in future or not it remains as a life time attainment. For whatever life gives us good or bad it solely belongs to us.

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