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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 34 | September 02 , 2007|


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Nazia Ahmed

Their dreams are now in the hands of the nation and the three judges. They are the 6 raging finalists who have survived the tough challenges so far in the hunt for the country's ultimate rockband. Now they wait with their fingers crossed as the whole nation votes and decide their fate.

With deafening cheers and head-banging the final round wrapped up leaving

Radioactive, Dour, Powersurge, Eclipse, Bortoman and Dreek waiting for audience sms and judge's markings.

Bortoman: After the twist of wild card round, Bortoman, the only band from the outside of Dhaka, from Khulna, made another appearance in Drockstar with their mellow rock numbers. Sadly, even after the comments the judges made about the lack of experimentations in their composition, they failed to do much in the final round with their own song. The cover song they did was Shadhinota's "Ekla Cholo". Judges found their overall performance to be somewhat average and safe, but Bortoman being one of the raging 6 finalists hopes for a good number of votes from the nation.

Eclipse: With their progressive metal genre Eclipse now stands proud as one of the finalists in the competition. Their endeavour to improve had always impressed the judges and had managed to garner a palpable interest among their booming fans now. In their cover song from Children of Bodom "Every time I die" they faced head on a lot of challenging notes that right away proved their position in the final round.

Dreek: This band went through a series of changes in their line up and now stands in the final round with their own composition "Adhar manush". With all the changes in the band, Dreek might have lost originality as their new vocalist made it a bit too blatant. But as they covered Dokken's "Alone again," it brought out their real talent without leaving any doubt.

Dour: As the judges put it, Dour has a good fan base that helped them immensely up until now. But fans or no fans, in the final round their own composition

"Porobashi" bore out their aptitude as one of the steaming finalists. Their choice of this particular song was based on the solo parts that they could execute in the rendition. Their cover song "jala" of Miles complimented their own genre of soft and mellow rock.

Powersurge: Power surge who stands in the final round with their promise to make thrash metal popular among the music lovers in Bangladesh was successful in rendering one of the best output equally in their own composition as well as in their cover song by Nogor Baul "Sultana Bibiana". They mixed the cover song with more aggressive improvisations and solo parts bringing out Infinite Power with each strum. As the judges put it, in the final round, Powersurge is one of the best two extremes that maintained their genre with full power and pride.

Radioactive: They have a dream to make a difference. And they proved themselves in every composition, every solo, at every show they put up on stage. Amazed would be less a word to describe the vocalist's aptitude as he not only took everyone off with his high pitched yet steady tone but also a beautiful solo with his flute in their love song "Bhule jeo na". Sadly right after their performance, the vocalist Polash fell very ill and was rushed to the hospital. Though this band did not have too many votes to depend on, they have always managed to get the highest marks from the judges who term them as the other best extreme. Their cover song from Warfaze "ekti chhele" had the judges stand up to applaud and appreciate their effort which clearly shows their dream is not far fetched anymore.

Last week, on the 29th, Djuice arranged a small concert at pizza hut dedicated to the contestants' close ones and the BAMBA members with the press present, who encouraged them and applauded their performance before the final results.

Perspiration and anticipation reaches its screaming crescendo as the whole nation awaits the final score that will decide the fate of the first ever Drockstar Band. Keep your eyes on Star Campus as we go upclose with the band in their practice sessions and the Gala Night on the 11th of this month.


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