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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 32 | August 19, 2007|


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Campus Buzz

Nazia Ahmed

With heart thumping performances and exciting twists The Drockstars round 5 came to an end. Now among these 9 bands namely Dour, Eclipse, Radio Active, Mechanix, Dreek, Dark, Off Street, Power Surge and Bortoman, the lowest 5 will be eliminated leaving behind the best 4 to battle on the stage with their powerful rendition.

The stirring twist of having Bortoman back in the 5th round created massive ovation among the fans; both in Bangladesh and outside the nation.

As guests, the 5th round had 10 Drockstars from last season giving their valuable tips to the bands. The proceeds from all voting will go as aid to flood victims of the country.

Watch out for the result round this week and find out which of these 9 bands made it to the 6th round and what twists do the judges have for us to add to the excitement.

So keep your eyes glued to Channel-I on Tuesday and Thursday at 7.50pm and keep voting for your favourite Drockband, and win a Sony Ericsson Thump!


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