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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 30 | August 05 , 2007|


   Editor's Note
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Editor's note

One year ago, on August 6, The Daily Star launched its campus-based weekly magazine 'Star Campus' with the vision of linking young minds together. We had promised that it would work as a platform mainly for college and university students to speak out their minds about various issues pertaining to academic and extra-academic activities.

Today we are happy to note that we have been able to come close to our vision, as we see more and more students from all over the country showing tremendous interest in contributing to Star Campus. In the last 50 issues they have written on various topics they found to be of significance. They were vocal about the mindless atrocities committed in the name of politics. Then again they have engaged in the healthy discourse on the merits and demerits of public and private universities and offered their thoughtful, constructive suggestions. It was heartening to read their accounts on Bangladesh as they went on tours to discover the country. They also wrote profusely on study tours, seminars, social welfare activities, academic excellence, debates, cultural activities and so on.

We are happy to see that besides students, eminent teachers from different educational institutes are also showing interest in sharing their thoughts, knowledge and wisdom with their beloved students through Star Campus. No doubt, their contribution has immensely enriched the magazine.

As Star Campus steps into its second year we look forward to further cooperation from you so that we may reach out to the large community of students and teachers and general readers with varied subjects. Your feedback will help us remove the inadvertent flaws and develop Star Campus as one of the most talked about magazines in the country.

Mahfuz Anam
Editor - Publisher
The Daily Star

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