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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 28 | July 22 , 2007|


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Short Story

Kazi Hayat Reza

There she stood, her great sails fluffed up by the wind, her bow slowly tilting upwards and downwards, her sleek oiled body shining proudly in the morning sun. The ship was a beauty, head to foot, stern to bow, and her crew were proud to call her theirs. The time to set out on her maiden voyage was now and she seemed the crew was on their toes to set out. Little did they know, the maiden voyage was also going to be their ticket to Davy Jones' Locker.

The final boarding plank was removed and with a well oiled creak they set off towards the New World with their cargo of gun powder, gold and cotton. The day was at its prime and the sun smiled lovingly upon the azure ocean. The ship sailed slowly on, as if gliding over the water, on its course. Yet dark clouds were forming on the distant horizon. The red orb of fire moved slowly along the sky as the day waned on and the sky turned from sapphire to a golden copper. The sailors could not have hoped for any better sailing conditions and they thanked Lady Fortune and also Poseidon. But as day gave way unwillingly to night the sea started to misbehave. Soon the winds of fortune stopped blowing their way and were replaced by a strong gale. A sudden wave washed the smiles off the sailors' faces and replaced it with fear and surprise.

The sea had decided to show its true colours and strong waves surged around and underneath the ship. The waves played with the ship, carrying it hither and thither. Then the rain decided to join the sadistic game too, smashing sheet after sheet of watery missiles onto the deck. The ship screeched and groaned in protest but her cries went unheard just as those of the mariners. The dark clouded sky cunningly hid the precariously close coral reef just a few hundred feet of the ship. The sea pounded the side of the ship as if wanting to push her onto the reef itself.

The ship screamed as she ground against the jagged coral and splintered along the middle. She cracked in two halves and started to sink. But the sea wasn't through, it continued to pound until nothing remained but splinters. The crew and the cargo were lost to the hungry, briny sea.

(Studying A level)



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