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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 28 | July 22 , 2007|


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Campus Buzz

Nazia Ahmed

After a lot of adrenaline and excitement, the Performance round just packed up to give way to the results. Let's take a look back at the performances of the nine bands who set the stage on fire with their spellbinding renditions.

Beduin: Evidently inspired by Linkin Park, they sang their own composition "Tumi Bedona amar" which featured soulful harmonics that earned praised by the judges. Their rap vocal added a different element to the song.

Dour: A poignant composition "Megher Golpo" was a performance by Dour; which made up for the lack of variations in the composition by touching guitar harmonization.

Biborno: Judges found the band in a better shape this time, what with the neat rendition of their song "Shadhinota", despite the vocalist's difficulty with managing the pitch. The guitar work was praised.

Power Surge: "Aprostut Judhho" yet another mind blowing rendition took the judges aback as they faced massive difficulty judging the band that sported two equally amazing guitarists. The hard rock number they played brought out compact sound with good quantization in the base and drums.

Radioactive: The song "Shodesh" was yet another amazing attempt by Radioactive which the judges found to be one of the best in the contest. The band has managed to maintain a consistency in their arrangement and renditions throughout all the rounds. The vocalist like always proved his potential, with his steady voice projection and microphone placing.

The lead guitarist made sense of every solo he played. With the flag the vocalist held, their composition and outlook stood out from the rest.

New Rainbow: The vocalist of the band popularly known as Jack, composed and wrote the song "Ojha Hoiya", which though sounded shaky at different points, managed to excel with a folk tone. Nevertheless their present standard was termed 'plain' by the judges.

Eclipse: The song "Prithibi Prohor" astounded the judges with its guitar sweeps and strong hold on the variations. With each performance their endeavour to improve was evident.

Britto: The only band with a female vocalist never fear to try out different genres. Their performance showed their uniqueness and compactness and the judges proclaimed their discovery of the next Tina Turner praising the vocalist on her pitch and balance. "It's as if the whole band is circling around you in a britto (centre)" said Manam Ahmed (guest judge).

Core: With the theme "Nightmare" Core was the last to perform in the episode. Their transition needed better role playing although the judges praised their lead guitarist for holding the band together throughout.

The song clearly brought out their theme and showed an evident and positive change in the round.

The first episode had Orthohin and the second had Dhaka as the guest bands who closed the show with their soulful numbers reminding the bands where they are heading.

The next episode on Tuesday will show the results of the

18 bands where 4 will be eliminated leaving behind 16 for the next performance rounds. So watch out for next week's D Rockstar as the bands perspires to meet their destiny; on Channel-I 7.50pm.


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