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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 23 | June 17, 2007|


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Tech Wise

Three-Screened Laptop!

Hmm…three-dimensional, or simply 3-D view is on the rise, so why should Laptops be left out of this latest craze?

In most cases, Laptops are much more convenient than desktops, but there are still some things you can do with a desktop that make laptop users such as myself jealous. Like having three monitors (for a 3-D view). It's tough to make a portable version of that. Or is it?

This Acme portable computer has two screens that can attach to either side of the main screen, giving you the popular three-screen setup without needing a desktop computer. Sure, it's a bit unwieldy, but it's certainly easier to transport than three LCD flat panels and a tower. Price of this gamer's dream machine still hasn't been announced but one can easily estimate the high cost in putting three portable LCD panels in a single unit.


Yo Yo Concept Cell-Phone

Yes, you've read it right! It's a cell phone that looks like a Yoyo : the simple toy most of us were crazy about some 10-15 years back. It surely is one of the most unique mobile phone design concept in ages. Forget the sliders and clamshell phones - the Yoyo form factor wants to make its way into your hands.

The phone does not only look like a Yoyo, it even allows you to wrap your headphone wires around the inner housing of the handset - just like you'd do with the string of a real yoyo. It's still a concept phone by NEC, but might come into production some time soon.

Titanium Ipod Case!

We usually tend to give lots of value to anything which is shiny or expensive. Well, this one is both! The US$818( BDT 57,260) FACTRON iPod nano case from Kiwami Studios, Japan is made from Solid Tiatanium and has some very bold looks. Although the fact that the case costs almost six times that of the iPod nano itself doesn't make much sense to me!

Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob


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