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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 23 | June 17, 2007|


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Saushan Rahman

I woke up at the sound of someone banging on my door. Some people just don't know other people's sleeping habits. I opened the door and saw the culprit; it was Shanila, my sister-in law. "Those who sleep too long miss all the fun," she said. I did not understand what she said. "It is raining. You want to go out?" asked Shanila. It was raining cats and dogs, or should I say horses and cattle? But the question was how would we sneak out while mom was still at home. If she finds out about the plan then she would yell at us loud enough to get the entire subcontinent to hear loud and clear.

We sneaked out of home and went to the roof with a cup if tea. The idea was to have rain tea. I had read about rain-tea in a story book. I remember the protagonist of the story would have tea in the rain. It said that when the tea and rain water got mixed together, it created an amazing taste. This was my chance to try that. In spite having the fear of being poisoned by arsenic, I took a sip. And I have to admit, the author was right. The tea tasted different. It was sweet and almost chilled. Eventually my brother joined us, but did not like rain teas as we did. Those who are as adventurous as I am can try this drink when it rains next time.


Shehreen Amin Bhuiyan

Life with all its complexities, competition, consequences and crises is making us run breathlessly every moment. Still we do happen to step out from our monotonous and tedious schedule and stop for a while to take a long deep breath. We do manage to find out a little leisure for ourselves, forget all worries and do something to please our souls. Hard work is needed but leisure is also required. After a month of hard work one would love to sit in a cosy chair, relax and do something that will energise her soul and erase stress and tension. Leisure is spent is different ways by individuals depending on their tastes. Nature lovers prefer to go out and smell the fragrance of a new species of flower. Many may prefer staying home and spend time with family and friends. Continuous work may result into disinterest towards work and declining spirit and enthusiasm. Work and leisure are two pages of the book of life so it is necessary to read both pages.

(Viqarunnissa Noon College)

Tease your brain
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In which country was the German Nazi ruler Adolf Hitler born?

- Germany
- Poland
- Austria
- Bangladesh
- Egypt

Quiz Answer: Austria


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