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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 23 | June 17, 2007|


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Career Fair at Dhaka University

Feeda Hasan Shahed

The 31st of May was an eventful day at the Faculty of Business Studies in Dhaka University. The Department of Finance for the first time organized a Career Fair sponsored by Aktel and media partners were Channel I, The Daily Star & Radio Today FM 89.6. It was indeed a remarkable effort by the students of 9th batch of the Finance Department who worked day and night to make this dream come true.

Held in the Faculty of Business Administration Studies premises, The Career Fair witnessed the participation of the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. S M A Faiz, Dean of Faculty of Business Studies Professor Dr. Md. Serajul Islam, and Mr. Aminul Huque, General Manager (HR) of AKTEL.

There were three sessions in the AKTEL Career Fair 2007 Program. The first session started at 9 a.m. with the introduction of the guests and presentation about the Department of Finance and Aktel Career Fair. After the speeches, the chief guest Professor Dr. S M A Faiz announced the opening of the program amid cheers and jubilation. Then came the happy moment of the first session the refreshment!

In the second session, corporate presentations were held by corporate personnel representing their companies. AKTEL, British American Tobacco, Grameenphone Ltd, Rahimafrooz, Citibank N.A., Standard Chartered, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation made their presentations one by one.

In the third session, there was lively Panel Discussion on HR Practices with Professor Dr. Mahmood Osman, Chairman of the Finance Department as the Panel Moderator. Among the panelists were Mr. M. Aminul Huque, General Manager, Human Resources, TM International (Bangladesh) Limited, Mr. Aftab Mahmud Khurshid, Senior Assistant Vice President, Head of Corporate Brand & Market Communications, Trust Bank, Mr. Mohammed Shariful Islam, Deputy Manager, Recruitment & Selection, Grameenphone Ltd, Ms. Shamima Islam, Officer in Charge, Training, Honkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and Mr. Sheikh Tashfeen Islam HR Manager, Unilever Bangladesh Limited.

It was a program with lots of emotional feelings and attachment involved. Because, it had been the first mega event that the 9th batch students of the Finance Department organized. Needless to say, the students displayed their outstanding effort. Day and night they worked tirelessly with smiles on their faces.

Due to my personal relation with 9th batch volunteers committee, I came to know about many of their funny experiences. Arefin Noor was laughing while he mentioned that the posters were taken by the police as emergency is going on in the country. “They haven't looked at the poster and had no idea about it; they just took it!” he said. Later on posters were rearranged again. “We worked till mid-night and was really fun!” said Md. Saifur Rahman Imran.

The entire designstarting from banners to brochure and posterswas fantastically done by Imran.

Afsana Rahman said, “We became very close with the teachers and the department. While working together, we found them very caring and friendly.” Afra Ilham Binyta highly appreciated the contribution of the Chairman sir Professor Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam as well as Mr. Muhammad Mujibul Kabir sir. Mujibul Kabir sir told the team to jump into the task that was given to them. The whole team is grateful to them.

Last but not the least, the 9th batch specially thanked our madam Ms. Farzana Lalarukh for the easy access to Trust Bank and for the write up from Aftab Mahmud Khurshid. And, the whole committee was very grateful to the 10th batch for their wonderful contribution to mange the program as well as for its smooth operation.

In preparing this report, I thank the 9th batch volunteers committee membersespecially Arefin, Imran, Saika and Binyta. With their assistance, they saved this story from becoming a dull daily news report.

AKTEL CAREER FAIR 2007 Organizing Committee
Professor Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam : Convener

Professor Dr. M. Masud Rahman: Member

Mr. Muhammad Mujibul Kabir: Member-Secretary

Mr. Waquar Ahmad: Member

Mr. Md. Riaz Uddin: Member

Mr. Md. Saifuddin Khan: Member

An interview with
Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam

What is the Objective of organizing the AKTEL CAREER FAIR2007?
It has long been felt. Because, there are many opportunities to build bridges between the corporate world and the educational institutions, like the University of Dhaka . And I think they complement, instead of supplement, each other. On many occasions the corporate world is coming to this institution to deliver lectures and we the teachers are also working for them through consultancies and other stuffs. But for the students the responsibilities are much higher. The competitions are growing very tough for business students and there are private universities as well who are providing ample opportunities for their students. Unfortunately, the necessity for arranging the relationship with the corporate world always received a low importance from our side.

There are mainly two objectives to arrange this kind of program. One is the students can meet many of the corporate personals in a single day in their own personalized form. At the same time they can understand the environment of the corporate nature and behaviour which gives them the idea as to how they should build their career according to the atmosphere of the companies.

And the other thing is, the corporate world is getting the chance in a single day to assess, evaluate, and interact with the fresh graduates with which they plan to design their recruitment systems.

Business students are in a better position to be recruited than other subject students, so what will be the extra advantage from this Career Fair?
Fresh graduates join companies whenever they are given opportunities. However, when they get number job opportunities, they would like to choose from the jobs.

Now, being fresh graduate themselves they are not in a position to choose among the variety of jobs and what may be good for them. Here in the career fair there are corporate presentations due to which the students come to know about the recruitment policies, the corporate environment and convenient atmosphere. Moreover they can decide whether a Bank or a mobile company would be a better career. Then they know where to apply and when to apply. So the main thing is just to create the opportunity to help deciding a career.

Do the departments have influences on the participating companies in the career fair?
Its not that we are influencing or pressurizing them. We are simply giving the environment to judge. We know that are our products are the best. We want to shape them so that they can be fitted according to their corporate needs. But at the same time there are some organizations who are always interested in recruiting our products.

Is there any plan to organize such career fairs every year?
Yes we have plans to organize this program every year.

Can it be done with the participation of the entire faculty?
Yes, after organizing the program this year I felt the importance of the entire faculty's involvement organizing the career fair where more organizations would participate and more opportunity can created.

At the same time the department of Finance is opening an official website where CVs of the fresh graduates will be available. The interested companies will be provided passwords to download such CVs.



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