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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 21 | June 3 , 2007|


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Tech Wise

Nikon 360 Degree Concept Camera

This conceptual panoramic view concept camera has been designed by Ye Chen and isn't officially associated with Nikon, but it is an interesting design, nonetheless. A panoramic view is 'an unbroken view of an entire surrounding area'. Often, this means one has to turn around 360 degrees, to receive this unbroken view. Rather than having to painstakingly create your own panoramic pictures, this camera does it for you automatically. It has an ergonomic cylindrical form lens that rotates and takes a 360-degree picture.

Based on an ergonomic cylindrical form lens, the 360 is a camera that allows you take an all-round picture. An angle indicator provides a gauge on the direction of the rotating head and is also an additional detail to provide the camera with a stronger and steadier feel while in operation. A built-in inclinometer indicates the horizontality of position prior to execution. The 360 is designed with much emphasis on the user interface, with the main operating function designed as a touch sensor, thereby maintaining a flushed surface on the exterior. Whether it will actually come to production is still a question but it is undoubtedly a very innovative design.

The Ultimate Xbox 360 Racing Setup!

How many of you wished you could drive really fast, but were disappointed on realizing you were too young to apply for a driving license? Well here is something you can design at your home the cool Xbox 360 Racing Setup that a guy called Robert got from his friend as a personal gift!

Not only does it have a leather racing chair, the Xbox 360 racing wheel and 5.1 surround speakers, he somehow got the display to split over three Samsung HDTVs. Only question is how he'd done that? Let me know if any one of you do know how this can be done!


Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob


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