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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 19 | May 20, 2007|


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Dormitory Home away from home

If you are a student in a public university, you know what is a hall, don't you? You need to be attached to a residential hall. Apart from being the address, a hall is the identity of a student certifying him/her as a bona fide student of the university.

Dorm- a way of life

Nazia Ahmed

Women in our country lead very sheltered lives. From their parents' homes, straight to chez in-laws, there is usually very little room for them to grow and develop their individuality.

But, then again, life in a dorm is not necessarily all that bad

Tazmia Islam Nion

When we hear about dormitory or hall life a mixture of feelings comes to our mind. But most of us actually don't have any idea about the true scenario.



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