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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 16 | April 29, 2007|


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Bangladesh Placed 16th In World Universities Debating Ranking

Rashedul Hasan Stalin

With reasonable men I will reason; with humane men I will plea; but to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost”.

A Different Training for Differently Able

Farooque Hossain Kamrul

Action Aid Bangladesh (AAB), an international organization, is currently working in more than fifty countries including Bangladesh to eradicate poverty and injustice from society.

Science journalism: a new horizon

Shameem Mahmud

Science journalism is a relatively new branch of journalism, a recent addition to media in Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries.

Towards promotion of Biotechnology in Bangladesh

Prof. Ahmad S.Islam

Never before has Bangladesh witnessed such a successful conference on biotechnology as the one entitled, “Promotion of Biotechnology in Bangladesh: National and International Perspectives.”

Riding the waves

Saushan Rahman

Hello shobai, welcome to amar 98.4! Ami RJ Nusrat, tar mane bujhtei parchen ghorite shomoy shokal 11, ar tai ami chole asechi apnader sathe adda debar jonno.

KDS- Born to be Bold

A Debating society is always a source of life and creativity wherever you go around the world. BIT KHULNA Debating Society was launched on 16th of January 2002.

Bar Code Mystery

Md. Abu Hasan

These days, it is rare to find a product in retail shops that does not come with a bar code.

Eastern University- Boishaki Celebration-1414

Like any other day, the morning of 4th Boishak, 1414 (Wednesday, 18th April, 2007) was hot and glowing, but the radiance especially touched the hearts of students, faculties and officials of Eastern University.

Guidance Note Series 2
Developing communication skills

Amitava Basu

You can improve your communication by developing excellent listening skills, understanding body language and changing your negative behaviour.

ET spirituality

Recently, there have been several talks on extra-terrestrials and spirituality or religion (scroll down for the next blog entry).

The sweet memorable rainy days at Jahangirnagar University

Md. Masum Billah

The anodyne and serine beauty of nature, coupled with the chirping of countless birds, invites the attention of all; even those who are usually indifferent to the beauty of nature.

Do You Create Fashion or Follow It?

Sajeda Tamanna Hussain

It is true that young people are quick to follow anything around the world which appears 'hip' or 'in'. It is in their nature to want to be like opinion builders, like celebrities, who usually generate what we call 'trend' or 'fashion'.


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