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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 14 | April 15, 2007|


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With the every passing moment we were brought close to Dhaka, we just tried to keep this thought aside for the time being and enjoy the moment that would never come back. Getting on the train was like a race, only 10 minutes in hand and we had to get onto the train along with our huge luggage (which had gotten at least 10 times fatter than its initial size) and the main thing was that , our competitors were the local people. So it was a tough job for all of us!! The train journey was really exciting this time , we were enjoying every bit of it , the smell of the toilet seemed to be an air freshener, the fight for keeping seats under control was like a game, the non vegetarian diet (egg-rice-veg without water) was not that bad , playing cards and losing every time was never so enjoyable before……!!!!!!! We got down at every station to taste the local food at the platform, which was also cool!! I think in my life I'll never have a 21 hours train journey so interesting.

At last back to Kolkata and back to Dhaka, with a memory that will be with us forever.




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