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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 14 | April 15, 2007|


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Shamma Manzoor Raghib

Generation X has long gone through the era where they wanted to be doctors and engineers. Generation Y is passing through the business boom era…and whether or not you agree with me, Generation Z will go through a phase where advertisements and creativity mean money. What better way to show your talent than through beautifully dressed garments? The fashion industry is estimated to account for consumption worldwide of the value of US $ 1,200 billion, comprising 66% clothing and the rest consisting of footwear, jewelry, accessories and cosmetics. Developed country markets like those of the USA, countries in the European Union (EU), Japan, Canada, Australia, Northern Europe, Switzerland and New Zealand together make up nearly 80% of this consumption. The best part is that you do not really need much mathematics to put in your effort. Simply put your clothes together in a haphazard way and you have a wearable fashion statement. A wise man once said, “Anything which is made in ignorance is fashion.”

But not quite... Fashion designing needs lots of technical studies. In Bangladesh, Fashion Designing is beginning to take quite a turn as a few Fashion institutes have churned up around town. Icons like Bibi Russel, Aneela Haque and Maheen Khan are some of the noted fashion designers in Bangladesh who have made a name for themselves. Today we will discuss a few of the design institutes that provide you the guide to success in the world of fashion design.


Situated in Baridhara Road 6, PFI has been set up by the brand and retailing house called “House of Pearl”. This internationally renowned fashion institute has set up courses providing career paths in subjects related to the garments and fashion segments. Undergraduate courses are: Diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology and Diploma in Fashion Merchandising and Production Technology. Both are two-year courses after which you can do internships at a particular fashion house or start your own firm.

Pearl also has short-term (3-month) courses on Apparel Merchandising and Production and Compliance Management, both of which give you good job prospects at garment factory managerial level.

Fashion Designing is a one-month course offered by the institute and is also quite popular.

For more information please visit


NIFD has a branch in Banani 41, Kemal Ataturk Avenue. According to them, NIFD is a trend-setting institute known as "The Cradle of Designers" in the glamour world.

'It is for those who dream of joining the fascinating fashion world, and for those who wish to become fashionable themselves.' One will learn the basics of fashion and train to develop his/her own spirit as a designer, with a view of the world and the designer collection. It is also a renowned design institute in India and had started operating in Bangladesh from beginning of 2002. Since then, NIFD has had quite a few commendable fashion shows showcasing student's designs, which became quite popular. Fashion Design (two-year or one-year diploma as well as certificate course), Textile Design, Apparel Manufacturing, Marketing and Merchandizing, Knitwear Design and Technology and Pattern Making and Drafting/Construction are some of the other diploma courses that NIFD offers.


Catering to all kinds of designing needs like fashion design, interior, landscape and architectural design, SKY HIGH Institute has also gained a lot of popularity in the fashion sector. Apart from Fashion and Interior Designing, the institute also offers associative courses in Graphics Design, which is quite an eye candy in the world of advertising today. Contact: Road 13 A of Dhanmondi, www.skyhighbd.com


The readymade garments (RMG) sector in Bangladesh is an important sector of the nation's economy that gives employment to about 1.5 million workers and earns about 76% of total foreign exchange. Considering the vital contribution of the garment industry, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has set up the BGMEA Institute of Fashion and Technology (BIFT). A lot of aspiring designers seek admissions to this Institute because of its direct association with the RMG industry. BIFT has been offering 4 years Undergraduate courses, as well as several Certificate courses of 6 months duration. The certificates courses are suitable for Garments/Buying House professionals who want to enhance their career. Undergraduate courses are suitable for freshers who aim to target the Apparel Industry. For more info: 105 CA SR Tower Uttara. www.bift.info


Shanto-Marium University of Creative technology's basic objective is to promote techno-based and cultural education to the general public at affordable prices. It provides degree courses in Fashion Design, Product Design, Fine Arts, Management, English, Computing and General Studies and many more. All these courses are provided through Edexcel International UK. SMUCT has campuses in Lalmatia Block C and Uttara Sector 3. www.shantomariumedu.com

Lastly, we all know the most important question on Oscar Awards Night: Who designed your dress? And we're familiar with so many of the answers: Versace, Calvin Klein, Armani, Oscar de la Renta... But who are these trendsetters and how do they become successful? In the high profile and glamorous world of fashion there are two key components that go into making a designer and his or her line successful: the designs themselves and the merchandising and marketing of these designs. Because the fashion industry is growing in popularity and consumers are becoming more aware of and interested in designer brands, there is more room than ever for a career in this exciting field. So stop having the same old “ I want to be a doctor or engineer” answer to the 'what you wanna be' question and start making a difference. Learn fashion designing. I promise you that even if you don't get good grades, you will get excellent grades from fashion fusionists!


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