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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 14 | April 15, 2007|


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Answer to last week's photo feature quiz

Trivial matters- deep meanings


I could no longer hold back my tears. Everything seemed to be rushing towards me. All of a sudden, life became meaningless.

Fashion Frontier:
Career Choice of Generation Z

Shamma Manzoor Raghib

Generation X has long gone through the era where they wanted to be doctors and engineers. Generation Y is passing through the business boom era…

12th National Youth Festival of India

Md. Naimur Rahman Kushal

This wasn't the first time I went to India, but this trip was a unique experience and very 'prestigious' as well for a young person like me. Allow me to share the story.

The Alchemic World of Natural Dyes

Sarah Z H

Like many 19 year olds out there I too thought there really isn't much about our country to be proud of. But I changed my mind and for the next few moments will be trying to change others as well.

DU Cyber Centre : Example of Mismanagement

Dhaka University Cyber Centre (DUCC) at the Teachers Students Centre (TSC) is the only place in Dhaka University (DU) where student and teacher of all faculties get browsing facility by collecting a registered card of Tk 60 for 300 minutes.

Internship Programme: Experience the Reality

Kazi Ahmed Farhan

Perfect coordination between theory and practice is of paramount importance in the context of the modern business world, in order to resolve the dichotomy of theory and practice.

Come-on Tigers!

Md Badiuzzaman Tamal

Winning against the mighty Indians was like a dream come true! No, not really. Rationally speaking, our tigers played sensible cricket, which gave India an abrupt shock.

Another Landmark in my AIESEC Experience

Rubayat Khan

When I joined AIESEC, little did I know what was awaiting me. It would be a gross understatement to call the last 3 years a roller-coaster ride, as it has certainly been far more thrilling and enjoyable than that.

A Memorable India Tour

Erfana Sikder

India Tour, a dream of our 4 year time in the Computer Science and Engineering department of Dhaka University came true when our Chairman permitted us to go on the trip, we could see that finally our dream was a reality.

“Bad money drives good money out of circulation”
Does it work in our society?

Dr. Samir Kumar Sheel

She was dumbfounded - not in fear, it was the excitement that left her speechless. "It's beyond my imagination" - Rukhsana, a newly enrolled BBA student in the Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka, appears effusive while speaking before the audience.

Bijoy Michhil ... BD ground SA

Mahdin Mahboob

The whole nation of the cricket-crazy Bangladeshis came down to the streets on the night of 7th April when the Bangladesh Cricket Team brought the mighty South Africans(currently ranked as the number one team in the World) down to Earth in one of the biggest upsets in the history of the game.


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