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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 10 | March 18,2007|


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Full-colour glow-in-the-dark materials unveiled

Glow-in-the-dark materials that shine with the whole range of visible colours, and can even produce white light, have been developed by Japanese researchers.

SMUCT confers diploma on 76 students

Aktanin Khair Tanin

The first award ceremony of the Bangladesh Institute of Arts, Design and Technology (BIADT) under the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (SMUCT), was held at the Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh on 3 March, 2007, where 76 students received diplomas some with medals for excellent performance certified by Edexcel International, UK.

The 7th Human Rights Summer School and Bangladesh

Yugank Goyal

I could hear echoes of doubt, anxiety, awe and excitement when the plane landed on the runway of Dhaka airport. I came out and smelled the air, and realized the smell was similar to that of my country, of gods, demons, empires and civilizations in resurrection and decay..

Charity Film Show '07 at Department of Marketing, DU

Kazi Ahmed Farhan

The number of acid victims is increasing alarmingly in Bangladesh. The harm that acid can do is so horrifying that it is quite impossible to express it in any language.

Making a difference

Sarah Z H

Many of us often feel worried by other's miseries. The will to do good for someone, unfortunately only lasts for a short while. We lack the firmness that is essential to keep us going.

AIESEC International Gains Worldwide Recognition for Democracy in the Workplace

AIESEC International- the global platform for international students has been recognized as one of 34 companies in the "Worldwide Award for the Most Democratic Workplaces" sponsored by WorldBlu, Inc., a Washington, DC-based business specializing in organizational democracy.

Three days with Amartya Sen

Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed, Pro-VC, BRAC University

Intro by Dr. Salehuddin: Everyone has some degree of intellect. Everyone likes talking about their own experiences, letting others know of their feelings.

Practical Astronomy: Figure Out How Dark Your Sky Is

By Joe Rao

Those who are involved in popularizing astronomy are asked certain questions time and again. One of these is “How many stars are there?”

Can computers make life-or-death medical decisions?

Roxanne Khamsi

A simple formula can predict how people would want to be treated in dire medical situations as accurately as their loved ones can, say researchers.

Education without Borders an experience beyond borders

Hammad Ali

It was towards the end of October 06 that we got to know about Education without Borders 2007 (EWB2007), an international student conference hosted biennially by the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


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