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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 8 | March 04,2007|


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DU 43rd Convocation ends amidst hopes and resolve

Mainul Hassan

Ah! At last, at last, we are having the convocation. I thought we wouldn't have the ceremony this year. It's such a relief.” This was the common reaction of DU students like Arif, Moni, Dina, Raihan and countless other graduates at the 43rd convocation of The University of Dhaka (DU). The last convocation was held on December 18, 2004.

This year the convocation was scheduled to be held on December 24, 2006 but it was cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.

Finally, the DU authorities announced February 28, 2007 as the new date. Despite some minor problems the 43rd convocation ended successfully. It was indeed a vivid and colourful event. The programme was held at Dhaka University central field at 10:00am. The ceremony was presided over by Dr Iajuddin Ahmed, President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and Chancellor of DU. Also present on the occasion were Vice Chancellor of DU, SMA Faiz, Pro-Vice Chancellor, AFM Yusuf Haider and representatives from various foreign missions in Bangladesh.

The ceremony saw an energetic participation by the female students totaling 4,050 while only 3,705 male students attended the programme. A total of 7,755 students participated in the convocation. The gala event started with the Chancellor's rally that entered the venue ceremoniously. This year the centre of attraction was Nobel laureate Dr. Yunus. After the National Anthem the Chancellor declared the inauguration of the programme. Some lines from the Holy Quran, the Bible and the Geeta were rendered. It was followed by Dr Iajuddin Ahmed, Chancellor of DU presenting Doctor of Laws degree to Dr Yunus, the winner of 2006 Nobel Peace prize.

Students greeted the messenger of peace with huge round of applause.

Then the awarding ceremony of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree and M Phil degree was held. A total of 39 students were given M Phil and 61 were awarded Ph.D degree. Also 84 gold medals were presented to 61 students for their outstanding academic performance. After the gold medal awarding ceremony the chancellor presented the degrees to the graduates.

In his speech, Vice Chancellor of DU, SMA Faiz congratulated Dr Yunus with the words, " You have made us proud by winning the Nobel Peace prize. Your micro credit system has been highly appreciated throughout the world and now other universities are doing research on it and studying it. It is a great honour for Bangladesh. Dr Yunus is the first and the only alumni of DU to win a noble prize. It was we who used to follow other countries previously but your micro credit has changed it all, now the other countries are following the system. "

In his address Dr Yunus said, "I am very happy today to accept a duty along side so many young and energetic people. I am very lucky to be present at the occasion.” Then he talked about various problems in our daily and national life and put forward some solutions. “It is we who will have to do the job. We will have to act for our own good. If treated in the right way no problem is too difficult to solve but to solve it first we will have to understand it and identify it." He focused on the importance of invention and technology. He urged upon the importance of gaining first hand knowledge for students. "There is a huge difference between the textbook and the practical world. A student must acquire practical knowledge alongside academic ones and the teachers will have to play a great role." He continued. "One day we want to be at the top of the world (Bishwa Joyi Bangaly), though it may sound impossible to many but it is not impractical. All we will have to do is to walk in the right path.”

After the speech the Pro- Vice Chancellor, DU, AFM Yusuf Haider presented the vote of thanks.

It was time for Dr Iajuddin Ahmed to address the audience. He said, "Dhaka University is a university with a rich history. It has produced many brilliant minds throughout its 86 years. The students have secured many prestigious positions in the international arena. We are proud of DU."

Referring to Dr Yunus he said, "Dr Yunus himself is a student of DU. Therefore, the Nobel Peace prize he received brought prestige to the institution as well. He has made us all proud. I congratulate him."


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