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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 5 | February 11 , 2007|


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CSE department of Brac University

Intekhab Sadekin

The CSE Department of BRAC University is a blend of extreme talent and at the same time a degree of mediocrity, which I believe is the situation of all the private universities in Dhaka.

I am a Stranger

Efadul Huq

The last born child of the year passed by, leaving me confused.

New day


As a new day approaches, soon we shall have another political party taking over the country. It gives them a chance to make things better. To clean up the mess that was left behind.

Project DYouth Finalist LOBDHI: The Team's Tale

Farhana Afreen Proma

Many a times LOBDHI members have been asked, “What does LOBDHI mean?” actually, LOBDHI is a Bangla word that means the combined result of a lot of forces.

NUB: Advancing towards quality education

Tapan Khan

The Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) is advancing fast as a well-known private university in the country.

Finding Allan....

Sarah Z H

With love abounding the atmosphere our hearts have commenced to set out in pursuit of a valentine. That special soul to whom we may capitulate ourselves in pensive zeal.

A new opportunity on the horizon

Kazi Sarmad Karim

On the 5th of October a “Meet the Press” Iftar party was organized in the Presidency University campus to officially unveil the link-up between Presidency University, a leading private university in Bangladesh, and INTI International University College in Malaysia.

Dorm life in pictures

Dorm life is an integral part of university life, be it at home or abroad. Dorms in fact become home away from home for the students who come from all over the world.

Inside story of amazon.com

Edward Apurba Singha

amazon.com an immensely popular website adds a new dimension in the cyber world activities and captured attention of students, academic personnel, and researchers for its exclusive and prudential approach.

Project Gutenberg:
Enlightening the World Digitally

Sajid Muhaimin Choudhury

When I was a little boy, I liked classic books. My mother used to buy books of, Children's Fairytales, Edgar Rice Burroughs' 'Tarzan Shamagra';

Aiesec's first national conference on exchange (nxc 2007)

Syeda Sabita Amin

Recognized by the United Nations as the largest student organization in the world, AIESEC offers 5000 leadership opportunities on local, national, and international level to its 22,000 members annually.


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