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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 4 | February 4, 2007|


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Nazia Ahmed

Think the youth of today is indifferent to community service and charity? One look at the zeal and zest of the young participants of the Project D-Youth competition should be enough to change your mind.

A cutout guide to a two-day Cox's Bazaar trip

Yes, it is a guide in its true meaning and NO it is not a boring trip-to-somewhere detail.

Waheedul Haq:
A Tribute to a teacher

Faiyaz Murshid Kazi

The first news I read that morning said that Waheedul Haq was in coma. The next morning, since it was a weekend, I put on my computer his CD album Shokol kanta dhonno kore, released by Bengal Foundation.

Some good pieces of advice!

Insia Ishtiaq Juhi

I always wondered whether my grandfather Kazi Anwarul Islam would ever realize the fact that I am now a grown up person and fall in the age group of adults.

Dark Chocolate Good for heart ?

Good news for chocolate lovers, chocolate may a lower heart attack risk. This is the outcome according to a new U.S. study that fulfills the dreams of chocoholics everywhere.

"The Varsity Rush"

Shoaib M. Siddiqui

My head ached, my palms sweated and my heart was thumping. Is it possible to finish this thing in only 120 minutes?

Environmental Studies at Stamford University Bangladesh

K. Maudood Elahi

Appreciating the growing need for environmental education as well as its global and national importance, the Stamford University Bangladesh (SUB) has, with due approval of the UGC, recently started the Department of Environmental Science.

Where leaders are created

Imran Ahmed

Do you know how you can be a LEADER? In our country almost everyone wants to be a leader, but usually they have some individual objectives behind all of that.

Book launch at Omni

Hammad Ali

Our parents, teachers and even some peers often lament about how the habit of reading books has completely left today's society.


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