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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue4 | February 4, 2007|


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Khulna University: Pioneer in business studies

Tareq Islam Shuvo

We call it our 'BAD Dome' it is our source of enthusiasm, spirit, dream and a lot, it is our beloved Business Administration Discipline. It is the only discipline under Management and Business Administration School of Khulna University. It is a unique place of higher education and research. It is under a public university situated near Gollamari, Khulna a divisional city, in south-western region of Bangladesh. The university is established on a land area of 145 acres by the river Mayur.

Khulna University is the only university in Bangladesh where student politics is not allowed. There is also no session jam which has created a stable facility of study. It's the only public university in Bangladesh where students can complete their courses in due time. Many students from different countries such as India, Pakistan , Nepal , Burma , Bhutan are studying here.

The Management and Business Administration School is the pioneer in introducing Business Administration study in Bangladesh at undergraduate level. The school is playing a major role in preapring and grooming up business graduates to cater to the need of the business and commerce of the country.

The discipline is among the first four disciplines opened at Khulna University. It is offering Bachelor of Business Administration since its inception in 1991 (session 1990-91). Currently the discipline offers bachelor (136 credits), masters (60 credits) degree and EMBA (48 Credits) in Business Administration in 6 major areas. Semester system of education is followed in the discipline. The discipline also offers various short courses in related business fields like Management Development Program for Bangladesh Navy and BATB.

The discipline has undergone rapid development in response to today's dynamic business environment where the potential executives need a knowledge of business theory and the sense of practical application in the real business world. The courses and curricula have been changed several times to cope with the changing academic development in the field of business studies. The academic programs of the discipline are designed to meet the needs and responsibilities of future business managers who aim to be business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The discipline duly deserves the credit for introducing four-year business graduation program for the first time in the country. The discipline is devoted to advance, promulgate, and patronize formal business education, training, and research.

It is performing a unique role in national scenario by providing the business community with befitting business executives, talents, intellectuals, and business leaders.

From the discipline 12 batches of BBA, 4 batches of MBA and 2 batches of EMBA have already passed out and they are serving in most of the leading corporate houses at home and abroad.

The discipline is the member of the Association of Management Development Institutions of Bangladesh (AMDIB) & Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA). The Discipline of Business Administration which is destined for imparting formal education, training, and research in business and management essentially remains in line with the objectives of AMDIB & AMDISA.

Reputed organizations like BATB, Unilever, Citycell, Nestle, Reckit Benkitser organize on campus recruitment in this discipline every year round. The graduates of this discipline are successfully absorbs by the renowned MNC's and NC's.

Now approximately 300 students are enrolling in 3 programs in this discipline. The discipline is richly endowed with 22 eligible and energetic faculty members. Most of them are young and they are devoted to developing and enriching their teaching and research career. In addition to regular faculty members of the discipline, some renowned teachers of leading educational institutions of Khulna render their valuable part-time services to the discipline. The discipline is also benefited by guest lecturers invited from other universities and from renowned business houses of the country.

This discipline is enriched with extra curricular activities. This Discipline is 7 times champion in inter discipline cricket and 4 times champion in inter discipline football. The discipline regularly organizes Orientation programs for new batches, reception program for freshers and valediction program for outgoing batches. It also organizes SAARC tour for the final year students and a picnic every year.

This discipline regularly organizes workshops and seminars. Business personality like Sanjib Mehta, Emil Moscofian have come to attend those seminars and workshops.

The students regularly participate in various competitions like 'National Business Case Competition' organized by Brac University, 'Battle of Minds' organized by BAT. Business Administration Discipline was the

2 nd runners up in NBCC'06. A presentation contest organized by the ex-students of this discipline named 1st SEA Presentation Contest'06 was held in this discipline in the mid of 2006.

This discipline is advanceing rapidly to meet the challenges of the present business world. We are the fore runners of the business administration studies in Bangladesh and we are doing our best to uphold the glory. You are always welcome to our 'BAD Dome'.

Website: www.mbasku.org
14th Batch, BBA, KU


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