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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 3 | January 28, 2007|


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IT Feature
Future Home System

Hi-tech apartment in South Korea

iving in Mars is a long cherished dream of human being. Due to the limited technological breakthrough it is not possible to immediately materialize this dream. It seems to be very disappointing but in the same time with the advancement of Information technology (IT) scientists successfully introduced the concept of future home that will brings drastic changes in present life style.

As the name implies future home is a high tech apartment where an interactive screen display A to Z information about the flat. If a person needs to change the air quality he/she instruct the air-purifying device through this interactive screen. Device dedicated for this task located at a particular location get instruction to execute this task. Each flat uses existing power line to transfer data. Devices must compatible with HomeNet system. As a result, flat owners have certainty to select devices if they desire to enjoy full functionality.

The interactive screen also keeps track flat's electricity consumption, billing information, hold video messages and transfer it over the net. TV in the flat also provides information about the washing machine and if any one comes to meet any resident it also provides the information. Residents can remotely control the system and trace anybody if he/she tried to get into the flat. Local electronics giant LG is behind this project, and says it already has construction deals to deliver around 30,000 similar homes each year from 2008.

IT Tips
Eliminate printer buffer problem

A printer not able to functions properly if congestion occurs in its buffer. As a result, it will hang, stop, pause or abort the printing job and pop ups an error message. You get relief from these situations by adopting some strategies.

A printer seldom or never encounters any buffer overflow from printing text. Rather, it is graphic files (up to 5 MB at a time) that hinder the printing task. When you give a print command to print many pages and instantly get an error massage stop the bulk printing and print one at a time. Huge graphic file makes your printer's buffer overflow, try to compress the current format you are using. If you are using Photoshop, save it as a normal or "flatten" (without layers) to lower the file size. You might want to try using GIF or JPEG. JPEG is a high-colour compression method that can reduce up to 90% less. But saving in this format can be "lossy" (image looks a bit different than the original). Choose GIF although the file size may be bigger in high-colours, but it looks better.

You can eliminate buffer congestion problem by adding more memory. Most printers allow you to upgrade the memory. More memory ensures less buffer overflow. This is the best solution.

Keyboard Shortcuts

ALT+F4: Quit program
F1: Help

SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item

ALT+TAB: Switch between open

Compiled By Edward Apurba Singha, Computer Engineer.


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