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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 2 | January 21, 2007|


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Jubilant at Jaflong

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

Jaflong, set in a naturally beautiful location in Bangladesh, attracts almost everyone because the view of the hilly areas of India from this place thrills people. Secondly, the place soothes people with its excellent landscapes. Almighty God poured down whatever was required to befit Jaflong to be a setting that would magnetize the beholder.

Some students of the Department of English, Business Administration and Information and Communication Technology of Metropolitan University, Sylhet planned to enjoy the beauty of Jaflong. They came up with a plan on Friday, December 01, 2006. The students invited some of the teachers as well. I was one of the participants in this excellent program. About forty students and some teachers made the tour a success through diverse performances.

The journey started from Zindabazar. The bus moved whistling stridently and the participants started singing songs in different tunes. It seemed that everybody was enjoying to the fullest. The songs by the students and those from the cassette player made the situation chaotic. Though it was noisy, all of us were enjoying it a lot. On the way to Jaflong we saw scenes that would soften even the most cold-hearted individual.

We reached Jaflong within one and a half hour. It was a beautiful sunny day. We got down from the bus, stepped down the lake and continued walking beside the water. No one forgot to capture memories of their hours at Jaflong, snapping a lot of photographs.

Hiring a boat, we crossed the lake. Then we resumed walking on the sand, reaching a village on the other side. Traversing the desert-like sand we stepped at the village where all of us experienced the vivid vista of nature. There was a grocery at a corner of the village where we sat to have some tea. Then we walked along the village where we saw the betel-nut trees, which looked extra-ordinary. It was a novel sight for most of us.

After another hour of bus journey, we reached Sripur, a beautiful picnic spot. There is also a small zoo at Sripur where some fine-looking animals like deer are found. We had our delicious meal together inside the spot. We played cricket for a while. The students designed a game in which everybody had to participate. It was a fun game and very enjoyable too. After enjoying such frenzied activities, we decided to start on our way back to Sylhet. We got on the bus and enjoyed the same melodious songs. The bus reached our destination before darkness.

It was a pleasant tour indeed. The students have a greater scope of developing creative faculties through such programs. They can acquire many things that become a great help for them in their future leadership in many important sectors of national development. We look forward to such jubilation to freshen ourselves from the monotony of life.

Lecturer, Department of English
Metropolitan University, Sylhet


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