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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 21 | December 31, 2006 |


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New Year resolutions: Let's keep them

Syeda Sabita Amin

Every year before the beginning of the New Year, everybody (including myself) makes resolutions. We make plans for doing something new, or something old better, or just out of the ordinary. Here are some which you could use yourself and also for others close to you.

Health and fitness: Obesity is so common these days and it's growing among children the most. And why not! Fast foods are the easy and first choice for almost everybody. It's ok to have them once a week or something but healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet as well. Next thing is exercise! With a proper diet there should be exercise as well. I know it's tough after work, school or university but the human body really needs exercise. Exercise is great because not only does it keep the body fit, but it also improved the body's immunity and makes sure you don't end up sick all the time. You don't need a gym to exercise. Simple things at home can do the trick! Another thing is the right hours of sleep! Partying all night maybe be fun once in a while but your body needs rest and the right amounts of it during the right times. Your body has a special 'clock' which helps you rise with the sun and go to sleep at night.

Charity: Society is a mixture of both poor and rich people. When you help someone who's in a position way worse than you are, think about it. If you help that person out, you could make a difference in his/her life. It may be huge or it may be small, the difference is what counts. So get involved. There are organizations waiting for helping hands and if that doesn't suit you, do something yourself. You can make the difference!

Environment: Have you planted any trees or helped nature in any way? Everyday we take a lot out of the environment. It's high time we gave something back. And I know most of you will say your cars have been converted from fuel to CNG, yes, that has made a difference but it doesn't mean it's enough. Try planting a tree after all we need trees to breathe and live. Another way you can help out is by advising people not to litter. Nobody should litter. It not only makes the environment dirty, but eventually it can affect your health or the health of people around you.

Knowledge: Apart from things you are forced to learn in school, university or work place, what have you learnt on your own this year? Knowledge is something which is never ending. No matter how old you get you will still have millions of things to learn. Next year why don't you try learning a new language, or learn something about a group of people of just anything which you aren't forced to. It won't harm you or anybody, but rather you never know when you may actually need it.

And finally Time: by time I mean spend time with family and friends. Putting off time and affection for somebody for later is never a good idea. You never know if that person will leave you forever. So get to know someone be it your mom, dad, siblings, grand parents, relatives or friends better. Do something special for your parents. They won't always be there to take care. You don't want to reach a day where you are left wishing you could have spent more time with them.



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