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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 21 | December 31, 2006 |


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"Put their heads together"!

After a tiring week of brainstorming the D-youth Teams gathered up in Flambé to face the judges. The creative heads of bitopi being on the judges panel had to work real hard to judge the best 4 ads as most of their ideas were very innovative and challenging. "Their thinking is really good despite the fact that none of them are professionals. And their level of creativity is exceptional". Music is a string that binds all kind of human being irrespective of caste or creed. D-juice thus focuses on this concept to connect with the people, which is why the ads which focused on music got the best response from the judges.

Some of the ads concentrated on individuality, while some focused on the concept of unity. Some showed the importance of fighting for your rights while some tried to project tranquility and peace. Each and every ad conveyed a message trying to keep the D-juice style and at the same time speaking their heart on behalf of the youth community. Rapid soul movement was the team that was voted to have come up with the best ad.

The otherbest ads were created by Sabyosachi, Laal, and Channel for charity. Even though there was excellent participation by all the teams, as elimination is an essential part of the program, some teams were left behind in order for the show to go on. The eliminated teams were: Fest, Goblin Corp., and Bijoy.

The remaining 15 teams are now in order for their next task, which is the promotion of assorted companies allotted to each team on the basis of various marketing processes. The teams are to provide constructive criticism to the respective company assigned to them, with Research,Digital Design, & Implementation as the main components of the challenge.

In the Research task, teams must familiarize themselves with the imhungrybd.com site and be able to come up with areas where the site can be improved. They will also have to determine what they think is the style of the website in order to complete the Digital Design task.

In Digital Design teams will create ads, similar to the advertisement challenge they have already completed, and submit for grading. In the final task, Implementation, teams will have the chance to go out onto the streets and interact directly with the people. This task is then broken down into four additional sub-tasks. First, teams must find a way to attract people's attention. Second, teams will conduct a very short and simple survey. Third, teams will distribute ads to the people. The final fourth sub-task, and the most critical one for the teams, is to get the people to try out the imhungrybd.com SMS service.

Time management and specialization are two of the key skills needed to succeed in this challenge. Which teams will survive the elimination and move through to the next round is now up to their efforts and business management skills and how they come out before the judges. Find out more next week when the teams "Put their heads together!

By Nazia Ahmed



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