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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 21 | December 31, 2006 |


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End of days


Once again the instant is here to send off an old friend, bid farewell to the compassionate, short-breathed gentlemen. Through my eyes he seemed quiet inconsistent from others of his kind. For he had been supported throughout the span of our togetherness. His name is "Two Thousand Six". One sunny morning he smilingly bought me a present. "Adulthood" he called it. And afterwards he bought more. He gave me a
new- fledged uniqueness. With him by my side I could weight up myself to be capable of beating all odds that came in the way.

He taught me so many things. I had learnt to bury my fears and induce my dreams because of him. It was his little gifts of luck that captured my heart. I had had my first taste of success from him. Let us also not forget about the greatest achievement of winning the Noble Peace Prize which he lovingly deluged us with. Everything
had become so blissful with him around that I would now feel lost when he will not be here. My reliance upon him has grown unquestionably evident. It makes me shiver with pain and fear to think of letting him go.

As heartless as it might seem the cruel tenets of eternity will part us with no chance of his returning. Ever again. He had made it so easy for me that I cannot think of having to put up with a stranger. I wonder if I will be able to get along well. Will he be an evildoer? Or will he be a jolly
faced friendly old fellow like his immediate ancestor. I can never forget what my dear friend has given me so far. His good will has left me with a feeling of tenderness and love.
I can still remember how warmly he was welcomed in to my life. It hurts to find out that it is time for him to walk out of it forever. But I am keeping him in my heart. He will always be a part of me. No matter where I go I will carry his memories along with me until I walk across the rainbow one day.

PS-This piece is dedicated to my teacher, my most exact critique, my biggest inspiration without whom it would not have been possible.

Happy new year in 30 different languages


Afghani: Saale Nao Mubbarak
Afrikaans: Gelukkige nuwe jaar
Arabic: Antum salimoun
Bangla: Shuvo Nabo Barsho
Croatian: Sretna Nova godina!
Danish: Godt Nytår
French: Bonne Annee
German: Prosit Neujahr
Greek: Kenourios Chronos
Gujarati: Nutan Varshbhinandan
Hawaiian: Hauoli Makahiki Hou
Hebrew: L'Shannah Tovah
Hindi: Naye Varsha Ki Shubhkamanyen
Indonesian: Selamat Tahun Baru
Iranian: Saleh now mobarak
Iraqi: Sanah Jadidah
Irish: Bliain nua fe mhaise dhuit
Italian: Felice anno nuovo
Japan: Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu
Polish: Szczesliwego Nowego Roku
Portuguese: Feliz Ano Novo
Punjabi: Nave sal di Mubarak
Romanian: An Nou Fericit
Russian: S Novim Godom
Singhalese: Subha Aluth Awrudhak Vewa
Spanish: Feliz Ano Nuevo
Tamil: Eniya Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal
Thai: Sawadee Pee Mai
Turkish: Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
Urdu: Naya Saal Mubbarak Ho

Student of Dhaka University

New Year's Wish

Md. Lutful Hoque Khan

Come back peace, come back light, come back honesty,
Come back dream, come back unity, come back prosperity,
Come back independence, come back patriotism, come back assurance,
……………….to this country we love.


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