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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 20 | December 24, 2006 |


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Djuice and project Bangladesh present
Put your heads together!

Nazia Ahmed

After a rigorous week of working to raise funds for ASF, the 20 teams of the D-youth project together raised a total amount of three lakh Taka. With great enthusiasm, the teams thus proved their business skills and strategic thinking power to the judges.

“Through this challenge we came to know a lot about our society and people's mentality by interacting with them” says a team member of Rapid Soul Movement. “It is true that people don't want to trust anyone easily, which is why we had to face a lot of trouble explaining the challenge to them and to convince them to donate for ASF.”

Last week after the judges were done assessing their activities, 18 teams were selected to go for the next round.

Starting with the top three teams they are:
1. Rapid Soul Movement
2. Sobyoshachi
3. Lynching Mob
4. Dominators
5. Upgrade Levels
6. Rockers
7. Creative
8. Channel for Charity
9. Laal
10. BUET Bugs
11. Resurgence
12. Lobdhi
13. Deshi Jewels
14. Bijoy
15. Maas
16. Fees the Pioneers
17. Goblin Corp
18. Dream Unlimited

After the formalities were met, the top 3 teams were treated at Pizza Hut rejuvenating their spirits after a tiring week of hard work.

This week the teams are all geared up to face their next challenge, which will be a test of their creative skills and competence. The teams have to come up with an ad for the country's youth brand D-juice, with the assistance of Bitopi Ad agency, keeping in mind the concept of Youth society, the youth in bliss, their passion, and the youth relating to the countryside.

The creative heads of Bitopi ad agency will be on the judging panel this time. On Saturday the 23rd of this month they are all gathering up at the Spectra Convention for the final presentation of their ads and the elimination of 3 more teams.

What will happen this time? Which teams will be eliminated? What sorts of interesting ideas our youths are coming up with to move ahead to the next round? Keep your eyes on Star Campus and find out next week.

Teams speak out!

1. The challenge helped us to know more about the acid victims and their sufferings. Through this project we could actually extend our helping hand towards them and reduce their sufferings to some extent.

2. The greatest Strength of our team was our equality. We always stuck together every moment, and supported each other in every decision thus working truly as a team.

3. We also learned about the effective ways through which we can reach people and make them aware about any social injustice and involve them in similar movements.

4. As we are able to involve television and print media with our campaign, it was also a great learning experience for us.

5. The fact that Project D-youth is promoting the concept of community service and a great deal of patriotism among the youth, has inspired us to take on the challenges as we are a patriotic bunch ourselves.


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