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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 20 | December 24, 2006 |


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Bangladesh in their hearts

Md. Lutful Hoque Khan

Everybody knows your country because the Himalayas is in Nepal,” I said during an adda with my Nepali friends in the BUET Campus.

Cadet Colleges: Where leaders are made

Fayez Uddin Ahamad

Human beings like to see the final stage of a production. For instance, we would want white paper on which we can write rather than the leaves and bushes they are made from.

Deshi Jewels defining “strength” and “beauty”

Shayera Moula

For the past entire week all the contestants of D Youth have been speeding their man power in order to complete their first task and raise as much fund possible for the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF).

Battle of Minds

Mohammad Tareque Ismail

On 8th December I finished my marketing 302 exams in IUB, my 3rd exam of the day. I should have danced with joy because the semester was over but couldn't, since I had to prepare myself for a battle.


Saushan Rahman

It was a Wednesday. I was not in a good mood. Bunked my class and went out. I did not have a plan, did not know where I was going.

At an intercultural symposium

Subrata Kumar Das

The word 'intercultural' has been accepted as one of the most important features of the present world.

Grammar for better writing skill

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

Many fluent, persuasive and renowned speakers wobble when asked to write in English. Some of them may even be well known for their eloquence.

First currency notes of Bangladesh


The Taka is the official currency of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the symbol t (or Tk, in English) is used to represent taka.

Colourful celebration of Victory Day on Dhaka University campus

Photo: Prito Reza

In the World of Coca Cola

Amanat Ahmed

Imagine yourself in a world where you will find only coke to quench your thirst, not water! Unbelievable, right? Well, I will take you to that unimaginable World of Coke in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.


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