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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 18 | December 10, 2006 |


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Science Feature

Amazing Facts

Satellite News Gathering (SNG)
Satellite News Gathering (SNG) is the use of mobile communications equipment for the purpose of worldwide news casting. These mobile units are usually vans equipped with advanced, two-way audio and video transmitters and receivers, using dish antennas that can be aimed at geo-stationary satellites.

The earliest SNG equipment used analog modulation, similar to conventional television and radio. The technology first demonstrated its capability during the war between England and Argentina over the Falkland Islands in 1982. Analog SNG was used extensively during the Desert Shield and Desert Storm operations in the Persian Gulf. During the 1990s, digital modulation supplanted analog modulation, giving rise to the newer technology of Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG).

A modern DSNG van is a sophisticated machine, capable to deploy in any place of the world. Signals are beamed from the van to a geo-stationary satellite, then the satellite beams it to the broadcasting station. In the most advanced systems, Internet Protocol (IP) is used. Broadcast engineers are currently working on designs of remotely controlled, robotic DSNG vehicles that can be tele-operated in hostile environments such as battle zones, deep space missions, and undersea explorations without endangering the lives of human operators.

Compiled By: Edward Apurba Singha

Computer Tips-11

Windows Shortcuts
Open Explorer <Windows>E
Rename selected folder or file on the desktop <F2>
Search for a file in a new window <Windows>F
Minimize all open windows <Windows>D
(Press again to restore them)
Switch back to a running program <Alt><Tab>
Open the Run dialog box <Windows>R

Internet Explorer Shortcuts
Go to the address bar <Alt>D
Refresh the current Web page <F5>
Open a new window in any browser <Ctrl>N
Stop downloading a Web Page <Esc>
Toggle full screen mode on or off <F11>
Go forward or backward <Alt><Right Arrow> or <Alt><Left Arrow>

MS Word Shortcuts
Centre current or selected programs <Ctrl>E
Left-align current or selected programs <Ctrl>L
Right-align current or selected programs <Ctrl>R
Justify current or selected programs <Ctrl>J
Insert date <Alt><Shift>D
Insert Time <Alt><Shift>T

MS Excel Shortcuts
Open Format cell dialog box <Ctrl>1
Select current column <Ctrl><Space>
Select current row <Shift><Space>

Edward Apurba Singha
Computer Engineer



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