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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 18 | December 10, 2006 |


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1st Artisan Ceramics cup-NDF Bangladesh inter university & medical college debate championship 2006

THE 1st Artisan ceramic cup NDF Bangladesh inter university and medical college debate championship will be held on 13,14 and 15 December 2006. For the first time in Bangladesh a debate championship is help involving more than 80 public and private universities with medical colleges. The debate championship will be organized by Jahangir Nagar Debating organization with the co-operation of National Debate Federation Bangladesh. The event is scheduled to be held on the 'Mukto Mancha' of Jahangir Nagar University.
The event will be inaugurated by the honourable Vice Chancellor of Jahangir Nagar University and the closing ceremony will be done by Prof.Asaduzaman, chairman of the University Grants Commission. Among the other distinguished guests will be A.F.M. Yusuf Haider the honourable Pro Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, Mr.Mazedur Rahman the country head of Bank Al Falah, will be present at the event as the special guest. The Managing Director and chairman of Artisan Ceramics will also be present and Mr. Anis A Khan the CEO of IDLC. The chief spokesperson of the event will be Mr. A.K.M. Shoaib the president of National Debate Federation Bangladesh.
The last date of registration is 12 december 2006. The registration fees is taka 300 with food and accommodation. For further information the interested team can email at ndfbd2006@gmail.com.

Visitor at IUBAT
Mr. Anwar Ali, Chief Executive of the Nationwide Association for Integrated Development (NAID) visited the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) on November 28, 2006. The visit was a part of continuing collaboration between IUBAT and NAID for sustained development of the degree program in the Tourism and Hospitality program at IUBAT.
The Course Adviser and Coordinator of College Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM), Professor M. Aman Ullah was present amongst the other guests. Mr. Ali was well informed about the students graduating in Tourism and Hospitality Management from IUBAT from the beginning of their collaboration. He expressed his happiness in seeing the performance of the students and added that within a short time the students would be capable of securing existing vacancies in the catering and hospitality sectors of the United Kingdom, Asia (including Bangladesh), Europe, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E. He also said that the BATHM students from IUBAT who have been engaged in professional life in the sector of catering and tourism management in the United Kingdom are skilfully contributing to this sector.
Mr. Ali visited the renovated and well-equipped laboratory of Tourism and Hospitality Management of IUBAT and expressed himself happy to know that the students who had graduated in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Management from IUBAT are now working in hotels around the world.
In her presidential speech, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Mahmuda Khanum expressed her gratitude to the visitor and expressed the hope that the collaboration between IUBAT and NAID will be magnified in the future.

Seminar at PSTU
A daylong seminar on “Knowledge based society: what and why” was held at Regent Board meeting room at PSTU (Patuakhali Science & Technology University) on November 26. Prof. Dr. Rabiul Haq presided over the meeting while the Vice-Chancellor of PSTU; Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif Masum was invited as the chief guest.
Shah Nazmul Alom, professor of Jahangir Nagar University presented the seminar paper in the meeting. Shahid Khan's dad, registrar of PSTU, Prof Harun-Or- Rashid, Prof, AKM Mostafa Zaman, Prof. Dr. Akkas Ali, Md. Zahrul Haq, Unus Sharif, X-en, Mobasher Alom, lecturer, Md.Galib,Mamun-Ur-Rashid, Nazmul Karim, forman, studentsSakil Khan and Arafat were addressed among others in the meeting.
About 300 people including many teachers, officials, and students of PSTU took part in the meeting.
VC Masum announced that 'We should ensure quality education in every learning institution in order to build a knowledge based society. If we are able to build such a community then our socio- economy condition will definitely develope.

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