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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 15 | November 19, 2006 |


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A SAARC tour, an incredible experience

Md. Nahid Emran Ullah

Our dream was to have a tour abroad with friends, classmates and teachers. After we were in third year we got the opportunity to fulfill our dream. In professional and family life it is natural to visit abroad, but with mates it is only possible in university and college life.

Final Open Jury of Design Studio Works in the BUET Architecture Department


The Department of Architecture, BUET is a rich and varied educational environment for the study and practice of architecture and art. On November 5 the design jury for the final year students of the Department of Architecture was wrapped up at BUET auditorium.

My ode to winter


My dear beloved,
You are here at last. Without you my days were spent in anticipation, afternoons became heavy with sighs, evenings lonlier and nights unbearable.

Safe blood transfusion for safe life
Yes it's a common question. Here is the answer

Md. Jamal U. Tanin

Blood group, what is it?
When blood transfusion from one person to another was first attempted it was successful in several cases but fatal post transfusion reactions were observed too.

International Entrepreneurs Fair by Young Entrepreneurs Society (NSU)

Tawsif Anam Zoheb

Amid the uncertainty and chaos caused by the currently persisting political unrest in the city of Dhaka, and rising above from the standstill life of depression, is the spirit of YES.

DU produces a Nobel Laureate

Esraj Fairuz

One of the ways to measure the standard of a university is to look at what its graduates are doing in their professional field and how much they are contributing to their societies.

'Conservation and Young Minds'

Mahbubur Rahman, PhD

I thank Durdana Ghias for the StarCampus Spotlight article 'Conservation stirring up young minds' on November 12, which brought up stories of dedication and love of few young architects and students working for the cause of architectural conservation.

More on conservation of heritage building

Dilkash Ahmed

The day'S article on young Bangladeshi architects taking up conservation of historic structures around the country is very encouraging.

The Five (Difficult) People You Meet at Work ... and How to Get Along With Them…

Efadul Huq

The workplace is a jumble of many different personalities. In addition to co-workers who are easy to work with and great to be with, you may find difficult people at work.

A refreshing new beginning

Asif Iqbal Ryan

I was tired. I was tired of studying the wavelengths of electrons, characteristics of conductors and those soulless programming languages.

Department of Public Library
Stretching the horizon of knowledge

Kazi Ahmed Farhan & Amanat Ahmed

Education is light, knowledge is power. It cannot be said unless the power of knowledge can be spread to the mass people.

Student Jamboree in China

Tasnuva Nusrat Nupur

The 12th Asian Congress of Architects (ARCASIA) was held this year in Beijing from the 17th to the 22nd of September.


A poem by Wasim Khan

All this talk about democracy is driving me crazy
Waiting for a solution with no signs of a resolution
This country was not built on corruption
Yet we are in 3rd place on criminal perception


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