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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 14 | November 12, 2006 |


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Movie Review

Just My Luck

Shamma M. Raghib

Genre: Comedy
Cast: Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan), Jake Hardin (Chris Pine)
Boy Band: Themselves (Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter)
Director: Donald Petrie
Rating : PG-13
Campus Rating: (6/10)

Word of caution for girls: Prepare yourself for some eye-candy.
In Just My Luck Ashley Albright (Lohan), wins instant scratch lotteries all the time and manages to avoid unexpected misfortune like stuck elevators and, instead, ends up in a smooth-running lift with one of the city's most eligible young bachelors. Somehow, despite this lucky life, she is unspoiled, hardworking, and humble. This is a teen fairy tale, after all!

For bowling alley janitor Jake Hardin (Pine), on the other hand, everything he touches turns to crap. He cleans toilets, clears the loft, and puts on the lamps and everything in between. His geeky specs (which is nowhere to be seen as soon as his fate gets luckier) is also a turnoff. In other words, Ashley and Jake are destined to meet and fall in love.

And like all good fairytales, they meet at a ball that Ashley has put together for a client, Downtown Masquerade Records impresario Damon Phillips (the underused Faizon Love. What happens next? Ashley dances with a stranger and the wheels of fortune turn around and Ashley goes from a perfectly hip town girl to being a jobless, homeless loser while 'loser' Jake swims in his newfound good luck and parts. With the help of a fortune-teller (Tovah Feldshuh), Ashley figures out that she and her dance partner exchanged luck -- her good fortune for his lack thereof -- when they kissed. And so begins her comic quest to find the masked young man whom she kissed and gave her luck to.

When she and Jake do meet again, not recognizing each other, she's a wreck and he's living the good life, his band preparing for its first proper New York gig. With the compassion of someone who used to be a hapless klutz, too, he gets her his old job at the lanes and eagerly shares his hard-earned safety tips.

In this movie, Lindsay Lohan, at only 19 years of age plays a perfectly romantic and comic role of a professional. Her graduation form high-school movies to the working world movies is quite nice, and this is specially accentuated by the lead hottie Chris Pine.

Lindsay in this flick is not as likably funny as she was in Mean Girls or Freaky Friday. However, the catchy music and offbeat personalities of hot young British pop band, McFly, hottie Chris Pine may really keep you girls stick to the screen like glue. There were some fairly nauseating scenes on toilet-cleaning and cat and dog excretes. Ashley's exaggerated good luck seems too true to be real, but then again this is Hollywood where anything goes. However, in some parts, the comedy could have been sharper, and I still cannot comprehend how Ashley ended up kissing a perfect stranger. Who knew whether he had a nice pair of teeth or not?

This is a cool flick for teen girls who will drool on Chris Pine; and for guys who still did not have a glimpse of New York's Hard Rock Café this is your chance.



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