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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 9 | October 1, 2006 |


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Fly in the Sky

Nazmus Onik

HELLO everyone! Before I start writing, let me give you a little intro. I'm Onik, a student of Stamford University Bangladesh in BBA, 30th batch. As everyone knows, life is boring without friends and I'm glad to say that we, the students of section 30Y are very friendly with each other. Sure, we have to take a little pressure during exams, but we share our problems so that life is always very pleasant for us. Whenever we can make the time we go for a tour. These are always filled with excitement, laughter, adda, photographs and specially hoichoi. So much for the intro. Now let me tell you about one such tour.

Last August, we had just got done with our mid-terms but we couldn't mange a break. We were really tired but the classes went on. Then one day Tonmoy, one of my closest friends, suggested we go for a half-day tour. All of us readily agreed.

It was September 4, 2006. We started for “Lalbagh Kella” and “Ahsaan Manzil.” Our plan was to meet in our varsity at 9.00a.m. Unfortunately I was the only one who was late. I was stuck in the jam (the eternal excuse!!).

We started by a rickshaw and had to hire more than six rickshaws. We were shouting with our bajkhai gola all through the journey, and everyone who saw us was laughing. We had traveled for more than an hour to reach Laalbagh Fort but upon reaching, we found that it was closed and would open after 2.00 p.m. It was only 11.00 a.m at the moment!

After a little argument amongst ourselves we decided to go to Ahsan Manzil. There, we first visited the museum and were astonished to see the billiard table, which was played by the Nawab, his bed, chairs, life style, the history etc. Our friend Barsha was worried about the Nawab's bed saying it was too small, and wondering how the Nawab managed his conjugal life! Suddenly, Tasmia (who is forever tired and hungry!) felt very hungry and wanted some snacks. Then we had our very own photo session. After lunch in a dhakaiya hotel with kachi biriyani we started for Lalbagh once again.

It was a wonderful evening. We were elated to see the Lalbagh kella. Finally, we had to come back to earth. Back to boring classes, exams.. OOFFF..!!

I hope we are able to retain our friendships forever. Remember, life is beautiful, only if you give up the frustrations, tensions and bad habits, instead opting to bond with your family and good friends. Feel your life, explore how to “Fly in The Sky.”

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