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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 9 | October 1, 2006 |


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IBA takes debating to soaring heights!

Nabila Amin

It was a moment of truth, a time to both rejoice in the triumph of success as well as to face the harsh reality, an instant that was to change some people's lives forever. Amidst hundreds of throbbing hearts and an intense atmosphere of anticipation that grasped the entire hall room, the verdict began “… and the winner of the IBA National English Debate Championship 2006 is…”. “IBA”, roared the crowd in strong support. Well, both the letters 'I' and 'B' certainly matched except that a 'U' had to come in between.

More than a dream

Azim Ahmed

WELL…most of the people born under the sign. I was born were all remarkably great writers, but something must have gone wrong in the orbit when I was born, cause I am completely opposite to it. Comparing to writing, I am moderately better speaker and some times my writing sounds like lyric without music. And no wonder my fingers got wired up on the keyboard at the moment.


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