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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 6 | September 10, 2006 |


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Aah…exams are over!!

Feeda Hasan Shahed


“I tell you, I'll hold the Guinness Book record of sleeping for the longest time after my exam…' or 'I'm going for a long vacation outside the city as soon as exam's over!'

These 'promises' tells it all. No matter how meritorious a student is; no matter what the extent of his/her seriousness in studies is everybody wants the hazardous exams to pass away quickly.

The university life, the world itself has a glorious excitement attached to it. Enjoyment,

feature02.jpgAt the Selim Chattar; relishing the tea-of-relief

flirting, fighting, sharing are all the natural parts of this life. But this whole environment becomes stagnant when exams are running. Extra pressure, extra effort seems to lay a horrible claw on students' colourful minds. That's a super-pathetic scenario one can experience!

With photocopied sheets flying in hands, students are found sitting in libraries and seminars in group studies…while adda places are lying absolutely vacant. Not a single animal (read 'student') roams in Hakim Chattar, Selim Chattar, or any other tea-cum-snacks stalls. TSC and Sahara desert appears almost identical.

Things get worse when the university changes its exam schedule for any political or otherwise reason. It's like the goalkeeper's waiting for the ball to be shot in a penalty shootout.

However, the campus jumps into life the day the exam ends. The tired, worn out yet joyful faces of students narrate the situation they had undergone for some days. All the favorite adda-khanas are seen piled up with students with the relief of jail-khalash innocent citizens.
Some are seen puffing with enormous satisfaction programming for movies or any hang outs while others are even seen chanting slogans of 'Ahh, shesh !!' in wild ecstasy.

But amid this multi-dimensional merriment, none forgets to do one thing: looking for opportunities to give 'chhil' to his/her friends. 'Dost, heavy khida paise…khawa na kisu !'is what that is typically heard at all corners!

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